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6 Lighting Ideas for Your Next Party

Posted by Meghan McRae on

Whether indoors or outdoors, big or small your party doesn't have to have that same old lighting effect or even worse nothing at all. You can really impress with our range of affordable lighting effects (all available for hire) to use at your next party. Check out our party lighting ideas below for some inspiration.

1. The UV Party

UV Party

UV parties are all rage these days and are a very easy look to achieve. Use LED UV Lights, Fluorescent UV Tubes or UV Floodlights to ensure that your whole venue and the people in it are glowing. We love this effect for everything from Halloween to the garage party. For more fun try some Global BodyArt Fluoro Paints, Make-up or Glitter which Glow in the Dark under UV Light.

2. The Rave

The Rave

Have you ever seen the effect some fog can have on a light? The lighting effect truly comes to life as it passes through the fog as a visible beam of light. Try a fog machine with any number of effects lights including lasers, a mace, moving heads or a strobe to create an amazing effect. Or go for something simpler and create a light show with an LED Par Bar, a laser or moving heads.

 Check out our website for short videos of most of our video lights or all the effects here.


3. The 70's Disco


Who doesn't love a good disco? A mirror ball establishes that classic retro effect reminiscent of the 70's Disco scene by splashing moving dots all around the room. Using a mirror ball with different different coloured spot lights can create amazing effects or you can just use a white light for that timeless look. Try out a mace light for a similar colourful effect without the need for hanging lights. Why not go all out and have everyone come in their 70's disco costumes too.

 Check out our short video of the MACEJR in action here.


4. The Winter Party

Snow Party

A great addition to Christmas Parties or really any party is Snow. But if you're anything like me you have probably only seen snow a maximum of 10 times in your life and it definitely didn't stick around for long. But you can recreate this amazing natural effect easily with a snow machine. Add in some LED Lights to really make it magical.

 Check out our short video featuring the S200 Snow Machine here.


5. The Kid's Party


What kid doesn't love bubbles? A Bubble Machine can produce hundreds of bubbles within minutes, ensuring the kids are entertained for hours. If the party is happening at night why not add some lights and watch the magic happen as the light reflects off the bubbles. Add in some face painting with Global BodyArt Face & Body Paint or Glitter Tattoos and make the kids really happy.

 Check out our short video of the Z10 bubble machine here.


6. The Backyard Party


Looking for that little something extra for your next outdoor event? Create some ambient lighting for your next backyard party with some fairy lights or festooning. Or shine some floodlights or LED Cans into the trees.


All products mentioned are available for either hire or sale. To find more information about the range of lights and other party equipment we have available visit Party Hire.Or book the equipment for your next party here.

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