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Shure DMK57-52 Drum Microphone Kit - 3x SM57; 1x BETA52A 3x A56D Mounts + Case - Macsound Electronics & Theatrical Supplies

Shure DMK57-52 Drum Microphone Kit - 3x SM57; 1x BETA52A 3x A56D Mounts + Case

  • $989.00

The DMK57-52 Drum Mic Kit is a conveniently packaged selection of microphones and mounts, designed to offer a complete core package of microphones for recording and performing drummers at a great price. The Drum Mic Kit includes three SM57 microphones, one Beta 52 microphone, three A56D drum-mounting systems, and a lightweight and durable carrying case.

Suggested Applications:
  • Kick Drum
  • Snare Drums
  • Rack/Floor Toms
The industry standard for snare drum, and a reliable and high-performing choice for toms, Shure''s cardioid dynamic SM57 microphone features a contoured frequency response that cuts through the mix with exceptional impact, while reproducing sound accurately.

Perfect for the kick drum, the supercardioid Beta 52A derives its low-end punch and sonic presence from a carefully tailored frequency response. Equipped with its own pneumatic shock mount, the Beta 52A is designed with an integral locking stand mount for quick-and-easy set up.

Shure''s A56D universal drum mounting system can be used to position microphones virtually anywhere - on drum rims, microphone stands, even cymbal stands. Designed with captive parts to prevent the loss of individual pieces, the A56D is small, secure, and can be used with any standard microphone, making it a great tool for both stage and studio environments.

Top quality microphones and an affordable price makes the Drum Mic Kit an exceptional value for the performing drummer. But don''t just take our word for it, here''s what a few of the pros have to say:
"The Beta 52 presents a punchy, hi fi sound that is always right on the money - very predictable. Dave Weckl
"I always depend on the warm and true sound of Shure Microphones for my drum kit." Dennis Chambers
"I have used the SM57 for nearly 30 years - it sounds great, and is road worthy." Simon Phillips