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Secondhand LSC ePRO 12 x 13A Dimmer Rack w/ 3ph lead and plug - Macsound Electronics & Theatrical Supplies

Secondhand LSC ePRO 12 x 13A Dimmer Rack w/ 3ph lead and plug

  • $1,450.00

General Description

A microprocessor based digital hard-fired dimmer providing 12 channels of 13 Amp dimmers, designed primarily for rack mounting or portable use. Output load connectors are rear mounted and the User Interface control panel and input control connectors are front panel mounted. Is capable of receiving and decoding DMX512/1990 control signals to emulate a smooth fade from zero (off) to 100% (full on) output. The dimmer controls loads, without flicker, from as little as 25 Watts.


The dimmer is capable of being mounted into 19” racking systems. Integral mounting brackets are a part of the dimmer design and allow for the front panel to be flush mounted against the 19” rack strip. Four fixing points are allowed for, so that the dimmers’ weight can be supported from the front. The front panel contains the User Interface panel, DMX512 input and “thru” connectors and the output channel Miniature Circuit Breakers. The rear panel houses the output load connectors and the input power cable and gland. Two front panel mounted handles allow for carrying the dimmer or withdrawing the dimmer from 19” racking systems.

Power Requirements

The power supply operates from a three (3) phase plus neutral and earth, nominally 240Volts AC per phase with a nominal frequency of 50Hz. The dimmer operates without loss in performance, between 165 – 260Volts AC and a frequency range between 45 – 65Hz.

Standard Features

The User Interface control panel is easy to use and providea the following information as a minimum:

  • DMX512 start address
  • DMX512 status indicators
  • Individual channel drive function for testing or remote focussing
  • Dimmer channel output mimic
  • Dimmer curve selection for individual channels
  • Dimmer channel pre-heat
  • Dimmer Diagnostics
  • Scene storage
  • Supply phase failure indicators