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Secondhand CCT Freedom 28-58 Condensor Profile - Macsound Electronics & Theatrical Supplies

Secondhand CCT Freedom 28-58 Condensor Profile

  • $440.00

Smaller, lighter, smarter and sleeker - that's the Freedom 2000 range from CCT Lighting. These state-of-the-art international luminaires give you flexibility and choice to creating outstanding lighting results. Better light output efficiency, a remarkedly even beam, perfect hard edge and outstandingly defined soft focus - Freedom 2000 is leading the way.

Lenstubes are rotatable through 360° - allowing gobo and shutter alignment with total freedom - and can be locked into position using a side thumb screw. Focus on the zoom lenstubes is made via large positive-locking knobs which operate the lenses, these are supported on three side points for smoother operation. Easy access for lens cleaning is provided through a large lenstube door.

The lenstube features a DIN standard colour frame cassette, which can be easily positioned to allow the gate or focus knobs to be either top, side or bottom operated. The cassette takes standard Silhouette 30 colour frame and all accessories of that size. They are retained by a hinged lid, which cuts out any possibilityof light spill or accidents from rotation of the lenstube.

Individual lens adjustment gives greater flexibility of the beam angle and the hard & soft focus achieved. The optical system provides an even beam, great depth of field and image clarity - ensuring gobos stay in focus regardless of projection angle.

The shutter set has removable, reversible, black shutter blades, held in position by springs which also keep the shutters within 1mm of the centre plate, allowing all the blades to be in focus at the same time. Other gate accessories are retained by a mating button and hole for lightweight items, or by a safety bond and clip.

Relamping is a simple operation through the rear of the spotlight, and removing the lamp tray automatically disconnects from the supply or dimmer. The dual position trunion arm is useful where the overall height needs to be reduced, and is also reversible - aiding balance and allowing an easy change from hanging position to stand use.