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Mipro MA707PA Portable PA 100w System with Microphone & Lead - Macsound Electronics & Theatrical Supplies

Mipro MA707PA Portable PA 100w System with Microphone & Lead

  • $1,319.00

Still the most popular portable PA in the country! An extremely practical and reliable unit producing a clear, powerful sound for voice and music.

This powerful 100 watt system provides excellent full range music reproduction as well as quality, intelligible speech with superb high fidelity sound. The retractable hande and built-in wheels make transport of the MA707 easy and convenient.

Ideal applications include:
  • Schools.
  • Places of worships.
  • Meetings, seminars and presentations.
  • Fitness & aerobics centres.
  • Parades and fetes.
  • Sporting functions.
  • Fire fighters, law enforcement, search & rescue squads.
  • Parks and recreation facilities.
  • Auctions.

  • For crowds up to 300.
  • Integrated speaker stand mount.
  • 100m(300 ft) operating range.
  • Robust, heavy duty housing with retractable handle and sturdy wheels for easy transport.
  • Rechargeable batteries included.
  • 3 power modes: AC, rechargeable battery & DC jack.
  • Built-in storage compartment for microphones and 2 transmitters.
  • Built-in dual slot 9v battery charger.
  • Up to 2 optional high performance diversity receiver modules with 16 auto-scannable frequencies.
  • Now with UHF selectable frequency standard.
  • One-touch Autoscan for a clear, interference-free frequency.
  • One-touch ACT syncs the transmitter and receiver frequency automatically.
  • Interference warning indicator and control management.
  • Suitable for tripod, floor or desk mount.
  • Line-output for external audio recordings.
  • Audio Inputs: Balanced, Unbalanced Mic & Line-in.
  • Extension speaker output.

  • Power Output/Rating: 100 Watts.
  • Estimated Max Crowd Size: 300.
  • Dimensions: 310W x 445H x 240D mm.
  • Weighs 14.8kg.
  • 7 hours usage per charge.
  • Battery Type for Main Unit: 2 x RE-12-4.
  • Wired Mic Input Type: ZLR & 1/4" Jack.
  • Max Number of Wireless Mics: 2 (modular).
  • Mics to Suit this model: ACT30H.
  • Line-in Plug Type: 6.3mm (1/4") Jack.
  • Cable to use for iPod: ATC7076, ATC6770.
  • Type of Stand to Use: Speaker, ATC303.
  • Retractable Handle & Wheels.
  • Mic Storage in Main Unit: Yes (Beltpack & Handheld).
  • Compatible with SYSTEM2 Sports Pack.
  • Frequency Response: 50Hz~18KHz.
  • Power Supply: Built-in two pieces of 12V/4.5AH rechargeable battery with charger & 100~240V AC switching power supply.

Pack includes: Mipro MA707 PA and corded microphone.

Optional extras:
  • Optional: CD/USB/SD.
  • Optional Storage Cover: MA707CVR.
  • Optional Extension Speaker: MA707EXP.