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Mipro MA101ACT6 30w Wall Mount Wireless Classroom PA

  • $569.00

The day-to-day stress placed on a teacher's voice has increasingly come under the medical and legal spotlight. This convenient classroom PA system has been designed to take away the vocal strain and fatigue associated with long hours teaching or lecturing.

A classroom full of enthusiastic pupils can place an inordinate amount of stress on your vocal chords leading to possible long-term damage. This exciting and innovative PA system can be simply and easily installed. It is designed to allow each teacher to carry their own personal wireless microphone from classroom to classroom. Once the wireless amplified monitor speakers have been installed in each classroom, the teacher can then activate each individual system via their own wireless microphone. It allows them to remotely turn the system on & off as well as to wirelessly adjust the volume. An external audio source such as a CD, iPod, MP3, Cassette, DVD or MiniDisc player or a PC computer can also be connected to the same wireless microphone and heard through the monitor speaker system.



  • Each fixed-install MA101ACT system delivers a powerful 30 watts RMS output.
  • 97 built-in UHF frequencies allow different channels to be set up in every classroom for interference-free operation.
  • Easy speaker mounting to wall or ceiling.
  • Detachable receiver module design allows for simple frequency band change.
  • Diversity reception for reliable and extended transmission.
  • Featuring Industry's only all-in-one, versatile MT101ACT transmitter microphone.
  • Compact, ultra-lightweight design and powered via rechargeable or disposable alkaline batteries.
  • Same MT101ACT transmitter microphone can be used in up to 97 different rooms.
  • Power on/off and volume loudness can be wirelessly remote controlled.
  • MT101ACT can be handheld or worn as a neck lanyard for hands-free operation with an external headset microphone.
  • Built-in 3.5mm(1/8") mini-jack line input (mono) accepts other audio sources (CD/iPodMP3/tape/mini-disc/computer) for amplification.
  • Amazing 24 operating hours per fast charge.
  • Ideal for teaching professionals and presenters in multiple classrooms, lecture halls and similar environments.