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Mipro ACT311-BP Wireless Beltpack & Lapel Microphone System Package 6B Band - Macsound Electronics & Theatrical Supplies

Mipro ACT311B-BP Wireless Beltpack & Lapel Microphone System Package

  • $649.00

Mipro ACT311-BP Wireless ACT30T Beltpack Transmitter and ACT311 Receiver Package

Contact us at to check which this frequency band will work in your area. 

Mipro ACT311 Reciever Features:

- ½U rack-mountable metal receiver

- Diversity technology for optimum reception quality

- Auto dimming display automatically adjusts in standby mode

- All parameters easily accessed in a single display

- 961 selectable frequencies and 8 preset compatible channels per band

- Backlit LCD screen displays Group, Channel, Frequency, transmitter battery level, RF, Audio, SQ level meters, diversity operation, and RF interference warning indicator

- One-touch Autoscan for a clear, interference-free frequency

- One-touch ACT™ syncs the transmitter and receiver frequency automatically

- Dual ‘PiloTone and NoiseLock’ circuits minimise interference

- Industry’s only RF interference warning indicator

- Reliable RF and transparent audio performance

- Receiver provides bias voltage for Mipro antenna accessories


Mipro ACT30T Beltpack Transmitter Features:

- Miniature, compact design.

- Top features mute switch, mini-XLR connector and antenna.

- Backlit LCD displays various parameters and indicators.

- Unique battery cover design provides easy access to operational controls and protects against accidental change of settings. 

- Connector for optional MJ-70 remote mute switch cable.

- Low spurious PLL-synthesized technology enhances frequency stability and reliability.  One-touch ACT syncs the transmitter and receiver frequency automatically. 

- Selectable impedance for microphone or guitar/line inputs.

- 4-pin mini XLR connector is compatible with all MIPRO lavalier, headworn microphones and instrument cable.

- Highly efficient power consumption circuitry ensures long operating hours from 2 AA batteries.

- Adjustable belt clip allows wearing transmitter in up or down position.