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Jands E401 EZICOM Master Station - Macsound Electronics & Theatrical Supplies

Jands E401 EZICOM Master Station

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The new Jands Ezicom system is an evolution of the popular, easy to use and cost effective communications system. Intended for use in all stage and theatre productions, Ezicom’s simple, logical control layout means it can be set up and operated by untrained users while still delivering professional performance.

The system is comprised of the E101 single channel belt pack and the E401 four channel master station. A communications system can use up to 20 remote E101 units across the 4 switchable outputs of the E401. Connection between the master station and the belt packs is via standard two core screened microphone cables.

Rugged Design
The Ezicom range has been designed to be tough and is coupled with a robust, proven circuit design. This circuit design ensures high intelligibility meaning NO BUZZ! The E101 belt pack comes in an extruded aluminium chassis with high impact injection moulded end caps ensuring it can take the bumps and bruises it gets when used every day.

The Jands Ezicom E101 Belt Pack has been designed to be electronically compatible with the Clear-Com™ Partyline range which means the Jands E101 can be used in conjunction with Clear-Com Partyline systems. Ezicom is an economical system for those users starting out in professional communications. As users require more complexity in their systems, Jands recommends integrating the Ezicom with Clear-Com products.

Simple Operation
We’ve simplified the front panel design to make the new Ezicom systems even easier to use. The E401 Master has a reduced control set to ease learning and minimise mistakes. Because there are fewer controls, they’ve been made bigger and are easier to find in a hurry, plus all controls are backlit so you can always see what you’re pressing.

The remote mic disable facility and program input connector makes the stage manager’s job easy.

The Jands Ezicom Communications System is perfect for schools, regional theatres, clubs and anywhere you need a simple but rugged and reliable communications system.



  • Up to 20 remote E101 units can be connected to one E401 master station
  • Connection between the master station and the substations is via standard two-core screened microphone cables
  • Audio levels remain constant when stations join or leave the line
  • Cable lengths of up to a kilometre may be used
  • Audio circuits are designed to give high intelligibility even in the presence of dimmer noise and strong RF fields
  • Four isolated outputs
  • Circuit On LED per channel
  • Circuit Call LED per channel
  • Headset connector on front panel
  • Headset level control
  • Master Call illuminated switch
  • Microphone On/Off switch
  • Program input connector
  • Program mic/line switch
  • Program level control
  • Power On/Overload LED
  • Remote mic disable facility
  • Backlit switches are easily identified in dark or low-light situations
  • High quality metal-bodied connectors
  • Simple/rugged design