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Global Colours BodyArt Temporary Tattoo Stencils

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Temporary tattoos are becoming more and more popular all over the world, and both adults and children are realizing how much it is as a way of expressing their individuality in a cool and colourful way. The traditional tattoo which requires needles and ink can be painful and is permanent, where as a temporary tattoo is painless and can be washed off if you are not happy with it.

A temporary tattoo comes in a range of different formats, including the spray tattoo from a can. Our standard tattoo colours from spray cans will include red, blue and black.

The non-toxic spray tattoo products are perfect for all ages and will allow you to show your artistic side. There are numerous stencil designs that can be used to ensure that you will be happy with your creative tattoo results. These stencil designs include star signs, arm bands, Chinese and Japanese symbols, funky text, skulls, tribal, dragons, floral stencils, wild cats, crosses, birds, hearts and Celtic stencils to name a few.

APPLICATION: It is best to apply the spray tattoo on an area of skin which is not continuously stretched and where you do not sweat alot. The area should be cleaned with an alcohol wipe. Once the skin is dry, peel the back of the stencil off and position the stencil on your skin, making sure that it is lying flat. Shake the spray can well. Spray about 15cm above the stencil area and lightly apply the first coat. You can add additional coats until the desired colour is achieved. The stencil can then be removed and reused for future use.