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Global Colours BodyArt Global FX 32ml - Iridescent Pink - Macsound Electronics & Theatrical Supplies

Global Colours BodyArt Global FX 32ml - Iridescent Pink

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Global FX is a superior product aimed at professional face & body painters. It presents the qualities of a specialised product that a makeup artist would desire and it makes use of the same type of cosmetic grade polyester glitter used in our stencils, another proficient, alcohol-free gel, which enables artists to create astonishing detail and draw fine lines. Both these products are ideal for highlights and designes around the body. Glitter FX helps artists create tribal and henna designs as well. Also they offer an intensively pigmented coverage that will not damage the skin in any way.


APPLICATION: It is extremely easy to apply Global FX on the skin, and due to the fine tip applicator, you will be able to create flawless lines and impressive shadow effects. With a bit of imagination and talent you can produce almost any kind of design you want; for this reason the product is used by famous BodyArt instructors at various workshops worldwide.

Likewise the Global FX products have been used for the creation of numerous award winning designs obtaining outstanding results. Global FX is a special gel that comprises of a unique combination of cosmetic glitter and FD&C colours, and it features No drying agents. It has an incrediblke look on the skin. It does not get clogged due to our advanced formula. It is available in a pen style bottle of 36ml, which can be refilled as many times as you desire.

Additionally Global FX has numerous uses, from creating false Henna BodyArt - which is a practice ideal for both children and adults who want to get a tattoo. Similarly, you can create gorgeous bindi designs with this product, and all you have to do is apply teardrops and dots above the eyebrows.

By far the most widespread use of global FX is to give a special look to face and body painting, and to accentuate the designs. It will provide your creations with a unique, amazing aspect, which will stand out instantly and everyone will love them. The small dot appear to be real crystals popping out in a very fancy way!