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Gilkon FreeFrame Height Adjustable Wall Mount for SmartBoard - Macsound Electronics & Theatrical Supplies

Gilkon FreeFrame Height Adjustable Wall Mount for SmartBoard

  • $800.00

The complete system of board and projector can raise and lower on the wall. All students can be included in the interactivity as the board and projector lowers to suit their preferred height.

Classroom wall construction can vary substantially so mounting an interactive system in some older buildings can be extremely difficult. To help overcome this, the FreeFrame Wall comes with optional anchor points to help overcome wall irregularities and help the installation process.

FreeFrame Wall is a self contained system that uses special pneumatic lifts. No expensive electrical power connection is required to operate the FreeFrame Wall.

The Gilkon FreeFrame makes the ideal interactive framing solution that comes complete and ready to go straight from the box. With it's easy assembly system and multi-set projector bracket, the FreeFrame is ready to present in minutes.

To Set-Up:

  • Unpack & mount whiteboard and projector*
  • Lock castors into position
  • Power up interactive equipment & adjust height to desired level
  • Rear drop down table allows for stable laptop positioning

To Move:

  • Fold up rear table and lock
  • Lower projector arm into transport position
  • Release castor locks
  • Wheel to desired destination

*Note: The FreeFrame system does not include the interactive whiteboard, related software or projector.

Compatible with NEC U300XG Projector & Smartboard 680 Screen

Height retracted
Approx 1335mm + outer frame mount height
Height extended
Approx 1825mm + outer frame mount height
Approx 50kg
Area needed
Approx 2725 x 2120mm
Mounting Systems
Minimum 4 x M10 bolts