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Superlux Microphones have been selected for installation at all nation wide hearing rooms of the Australia Relations Commission. All up this equates to just under 400 microphones comprising of the PRA-618AM & PRA-518AS Gooseneck models. PRA-618S/M/L is a dynamic gooseneck microphone specifically designed for conferences. Their mini dynamic capsules feature supercardioid polar pattern, tailored frequency response for conferences and lectures, greater pick-up distance and high gain before feedback. These advantages make them excellent for speech reinforcement in conferences, lectures, and interviews. The PRA-518AS is a super-miniature gooseneck back electret condenser cardioid microphones.They are also designed with performance and ease of installation in mind, giving premium quality audio for a wide variety of sound reproduction applications making them ideal for applications such as court rooms and conference rooms as well.

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