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Mipro MI909T Digital In Ear Monitor Transmitter - Macsound Electronics & Theatrical Supplies

Mipro MI909T Digital In Ear Monitor Transmitter

  • $910.00

MI-909 is an industry first, professional quality digital wireless stereo IEM system. Featuring digitally encrypted technology with unparalleled digital audio performance and transmission reliability, the superior frequency response characteristics of the MI-909 from 20Hz to 15 kHz clearly exceed those of analog systems. Combining DSP & digital diversity technologies, this upgraded MI-909 system has advanced features and functions that supersede its competitors.


  • EIA-standard half-rack 19" metal case, LCD screen display, rotary control knob for advanced menu settings and dual audio LED indicator lockable front panel.
  • Up to 16 compatible channels within the same frequency group.
  • Selectable encryption keys with scroll or static setting for single or multiple receivers.
  • Selectable HI, LOW or OFF (mute) output power.
  • High dynamic range, stereo audio inputs and able to withstand the maximum output levels of professional audio mixers.
  • Built-in DSP 3 band ±9 dB EQ settings for audio modifications.
  • Free Scan selects an open, interference-free transmitter frequency and ACT syncs the transmitter and receiver frequencies automatically.
  • Ideal for professional multi-language interpretation system and installation applications.