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Global Colours BodyArt Face & Body Paint Set 115mL - Neon Glow - Macsound Electronics & Theatrical Supplies

Global Colours BodyArt Face & Body Paint Set 115mL - Neon Glow

  • $16.50

Neon Glow Set, create the ultimate glow in the dark and under UV light face paint party.
Set Contains: 1 x Neon Pink, 1 x Neon Yellow, 1 x Neon Orange, 1 x Neon Green, 1 x Glow in the Dark, 1 x Sponge and 1 x Brush

GLOBAL COLOURS is a world leader, famous for the quality and safety of their water-based products. One of the most appreciated cosmetic lines offered by us is our BodyArt range, used by professional artists and on movie sets worldwide.

There are few things you will keep for your entire life. Your skin however is definitely one of them. This is a fact we kept in mind when we formulated our range of Global Colours BodyArt. The ease with which you can apply the bright silky smooth colours… and wash them off is no accident.
Our cosmetic grade formula was developed, with the possibility in mind, that some performance artists may wear our BodyArt all over, all day, nearly every day. And we made sure they could do just that all their long and healthy life.
There’s a lot we could say about our exceptional BodyArt but hey, why waste words, when that will be self evident the next time you paint skin using Global BodyArt.
Ideal for make-up artists, theatre and performance, sports team supporters, parties for children, festivals and fairs.
Global Colours BodyArt was the official face and body paint for the Opening and Closing ceremonies of the Sydney Olympic Games.
BodyArt is suitable for all age groups and a wide range of uses. This premium body paint has a smooth ‘soft paste’ texture which allows it to be used directly from the jar. It dries to a soft velvety finish.