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Beta3 DI-200 Active Direct Injection Box - Macsound Electronics & Theatrical Supplies

Beta3 DI-200 Active Direct Injection Box

  • $99.00

The DI-200 is a high quality active direct injection box. The compact design, sturdy construction makes it very suitable for many application.


  • Input 6.5mm jack
  • Parallel 6.5mm jack
  • Unbalanced 6.5mm output
  • Input attenuator selector switch 0dB, -20dB, -40dB
  • Balanced output XLR
  • LED to show phantom power
  • 9V battery for when there is no phantom power
  • Ground lift switch
  • Phase switch between pin 2 or 3
  • Auto powers off after 15 minutes without signal 
  • Auto powers on with input signal